Invitation to Contributors

Hertfordshire Archaeology and Historyis a journal of record for the archaeology, and increasingly the history, of the county. It tries to balance scholarly rigour while remaining accessible to members of the societies who support publication, mainly graduates of many fields. A balance is sought within each volume both for period – prehistoric to modern – and across the county.

The Editorial Committee wishes to publish the widest possible range of papers from new authors. Prospective authors are warmly invited to contact the Editorial Co-ordinator with a proposal and then to use this guidance in preparing an article for publication.


This paper is chiefly concerned with administrative considerations; there is further guidance on computer topics and presentation style.


A page charge is made for each paper publishing the results of commercially funded work; this is currently £40 per page.

The Editorial Committee can apply for certain publication grants, but if a grant can be pre-arranged by the author, this will help speed the publication process.

Annual Production Cycle

As far as possible, publication follows a regular production cycle. Compliance with this schedule will speed the process, while missing a target date could cause a contribution to be held over until the next year.

Year 1: before October st  Submission of paper to Editorial Co-ordinator/Editor
       by December 1st  Paper approved by Editorial Committee
Year 2: by March 1st   Text sent to author for final check
       April 1st    No further alterations accepted
       about May 15th  Volume sent to printers
       May 30th    Volume published by this date


The contributor must check with the holders of Copyright, of extensive quotation or illustrations, especially the Ordnance Survey for use of O.S. maps or material based thereon. If the contributor does not hold the copyright of photographs, clearance must first be obtained and the copyright holder’s name given clearly on the reverse. Further notes for authors:
Academic and Specialist Publications: Notes for Authors
English Heritage
Fortress House
Savile Row

Signposts for Archaeological Publication
Council for British Archaeology
Bowes Morrell House
111 Walmgate

Where advice in the above documents differs from that of this Journal’s guidelines, this guide will take precedence.

Use of Computers

Computer technology has made it possible for an author to prepare camera-ready material with only modest assistance, while the costs of production and publication are continually increasing. The Committee therefore strongly prefer submissions to be in a publication-ready form on a computer medium from authors. Other submissions will always be considered but authors are strongly advised to contact the Editorial Co-ordinator before proceeding. Fuller details concerning computer formats are given on another page.

Presentation Style

The best source of information on style is to be found in recent issues of the Journal and authors are encouraged to emulate the style and format of the published articles. Fuller details of style are given on another page.


To avoid wasted work please raise any queries with the Editorial Co-ordinator as soon as they arise.