Further reading

Compiled by Gil Burleigh

The following list of books and articles is my personal choice of reading matter that should help anyone trying to learn about the archaeology of Hertfordshire and surrounding areas and, in particular, North Hertfordshire. It is by no means fully comprehensive and I will add to it from time to time, not only with new publications but also with older material.

Generally the list includes mostly books for Hertfordshire and books and articles for North Hertfordshire. It would become far too long if it included all articles for the whole county. Readers should refer to the various national and county academic journals to seek papers and articles on the rest of Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. In addition, many of the books and articles listed here have extensive bibliographies which give references to numerous other publications of relevance.

Obviously, there are a number of libraries which contain all or some of these publications. For NHAS members and readers in the North Hertfordshire area, the Museums Resource Centre (Burymead Road, Hitchin) holds all of these publications, plus the unpublished reports listed, in a reference library that is available for consultation by appointment. Contact the Archaeology Officer, Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews, on 01462 434896 during office hours or email to book an appointment. If anyone has suggestions for other relevant titles to be added to this reading list, I will be happy to hear from you.

The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by authors’ surnames and there is a separate bibliography dealing solely with the Iron Age and Roman town at Baldock.