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Academic publications

Wallington Road report

Excavations at Baldock, volume 1

Excavations at Baldock 1978-1994 volume 1: an Iron Age and Romano-British cemetery at Wallington Road by Gil Burleigh (the Society’s Field Officer, who directed the work) and Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews (North Hertfordshire District Council’s Archaeology Officer). The principal focus of this volume is on one of the cemeteries, at Wallington Road on the eastern periphery of the ancient town, discovered during building work in February 1982 and subject to salvage recording and excavation over the following two months.

Despite the difficulties of the work, which was done almost entirely by volunteers from the Society, a great deal of high quality information was recovered. Specialist reports by Charlotte Roberts and Jacqueline McKinley deal with the human remains, and by Brenda Dickinson and Helen Ashworth, who examine the ceramics. The authors include an extended discussion and synthesis of the data. With viii + 272 pages, 32 plates (including 16 in colour), 56 figures in the text and many more plates and figures in the catalogue, it sells for only £20. Email Letchworth Museum for further details.

Popular publications

Ancient Baldock

Ancient Baldock

Ancient Baldock: the story of an Iron Age and Roman town by Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and Gil Burleigh. An up-to-date summary of what has been discovered about ancient Baldock since the site was first recognised in 1925. It deals with all aspects of life and death in the ancient town and provides information and pictures never previously published, including a summary account of the discovery of the temple treasure of the local goddess Senuna at Ashwell. There is a short bibliography for further reading, how to get involved in archaeology locally and information on how to report any discoveries you may make. The booklet is illustrated in full colour, is A5 format, with 40 pages and costs £4.95.

Other publications in this series (The Archaeology of Hitchin from prehistory to the present and The Archaeology of Letchworth Garden City) were published by North Hertfordshire District Council with other partners. They may be ordered from Letchworth Museum and cost £4.95 + p&p.