History Cold Case, a programme for BBC2 made by Shine TV, will feature an analysis of an unusual burial found at Baldock in 1989 during its second season. The series starts at 9 p.m. on Thursday 30 June 2011 on BBC2 and BBC HD. The first programme deals with some skeletons from a cave in Yorkshire, the second, scheduled for 7 July, deals with skeletons from York and the third, to be shown on 14 July is about a group of bodies from a medieval well in Norwich.

The Baldock episode, The woman and the three babies, is due to be broadcast on Thursday 21 July at 9 p.m. Here is what the production company Red Planet Pictures has to say about it:

In the sleepy commuter town of Baldock in Hertfordshire the discovery of a wonderfully intact skeleton of a woman dating from early Roman times – buried with the tiny skeletons of three babies – rocked the scientific world as it’s an archaeological first. Buried on the outskirts of a cemetery in what at first appears to be an unceremonious burial, she cuts a tragic picture. Did she die in childbirth? Or are these not her babies? And why was she buried with apparent disregard for the proper burial practices of the day? For the History Cold Case team it’s a unique opportunity to investigate details about pregnancy and childbirth as it was 2000 years ago in a Roman-British settlement – and what they discover is shocking.

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